European Citizenship Laws

European citizenship of any EU country can be obtained if certain citizenship conditions are met; EU citizenship can be obtained by birth, descent, marriage or naturalization. These citizenship rules are stated in each EU country’s citizenship law. But these laws are too long to read and also use heavy legal language. Therefore, we summarised the citizenship laws of each European country for you. Please browse the sections on the left side to see each law or whether the dual citizenship is allowed by the European countries.
European citizenship by birth is possible in certain countries if you were born in that country borders. There might be additional conditions such as requirement be born to the father or mother who is the citizen of that country.
European citizenship by descent is possible in certain countries if you have ancestors such as grandfather or grandmother who were the citizens of that country. Again there might be additional conditions such as to be a resident of that country for certain amount of time as the descent of citizen grandfather or grandmother.
Another way of getting European citizenship is to marry a citizen of that country. Usually, you are required to have been the wife or husband or partner of a European citizen for certain years.
And the most common way of European citizenship is naturalization which is basically awarded when someone works or resides a certain time in a country. Additional requirements could be asked such as ability to speak that country’s official language.
Lastly, it is also possible to get European citizenship as an investor who has invested a certain amount of money or who purchased assets in that country. Usually the amount of investment can vary from €100,000 to €1,000,000.

You might have different reasons in wanting to get European citizenship. However, before you consider becomming a European citizen, you should always keep in mind that the route to being naturalized as a citizen can require time, investment

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