Cypriot Citizenship is based upon the Republic Law of 1967. The legal basis for citizenship is divided between those born before and those born after August 16, 1960, the date of independence. All questions regarding Turkish Cyprus should be directed to the Cypriot Embassy. (UKC-Commonwealth Nation)


All citizens of the United Kingdom and Colonies who were born in Cyprus between November 5, 1914, and August 16, 1960, and who were resident in Cyprus during the five years preceding independence (August 16, 1960).


Person born in wedlock, after August 16, 1960, whose father is a citizen of Cyprus, regardless of the country of birth. In the event the father is unknown or stateless, Cypriot citizenship may be passed on by the mother.


- VOLUNTARY: Voluntary renunciation of Cypriot citizenship is permitted by law. Contact the Embassy for details and required paperwork. The following are not allowed to renounce citizenship:
- Persons who have not fulfilled their military requirements.
- Persons who are under sentence for criminal activities.
- INVOLUNTARY: The following reflect grounds for involuntary loss of naturalized Cypriot citizenship:
- Citizenship was gained under fraud or false statements.
- Person commits acts of disloyalty to the government of Cyprus.
- Person, within five years of being naturalized, begins to live continually abroad without registering with the Cypriot Consul.

[TURKISH CYPRIOT: According to the Cypriot Consul: “An exceptional situation was created in the part of the territory of the Republic of Cyprus which has remained outside the control of the Government of Cyprus since the invasion of Cyprus by Turkish troops in the summer of 1974. The Republic of Cyprus continues to recognize the citizenship and right to citizenship of all Turkish Cypriots and Cyprus Republic passports are issued to any persons who can provide proper documentation. However, the Republic of Cyprus does not consider those alien persons who have settled illegally and without its permission in the areas under control of the Turkish forces as legitimate claimants to Cypriot citizenship.”]

Cypriot citizenship information is summarized from the above-mentioned law. Any action concerning Cypriot citizenship should be taken after consulting with a Cypriot immigration lawyer or the official authority responsible with Cypriot citizenship.

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