French citizenship laws are based upon the French Nationality Code.

Child born within the territory of France, regardless of the nationality of the parents.

Child born abroad, at least one of whose parents is a citizen of France.

If the couple has been living in France for a year, after a period of two year’s marriage to a French citizen, it is possible to make a declaration of French citizenship by marriage. If the couple is living outside of France, a three year waiting period is required. In addition to the many documents required to prove both the applicants nationality and the spouse’s french nationality, there is a requirement for competency in the French language. The declaration of citizenship is made by the couple to the local court, or the French consulate if overseas. The declaration is accepted or rejected by decision of the Ministry of Justice.

Persons seeking naturalization as French citizens face varying conditions. Residence circumstances are significant. These persons may seek naturalization:
- Person who has been a resident of France for five years.
- Person who has resided in France for two years and has a degree from a University or has rendered important service to France.
The following persons have no residency requirement and may seek naturalization:
- Person who has rendered exceptional service to France.
- Person who has served in a combat unit of the French Army.
- Person who is the spouse or minor child of a person acquiring French citizenship.


Final authority for loss of citizenship lies with the French government.
VOLUNTARY: Contact the French Embassy for details and proper paperwork.
INVOLUNTARY: The following is grounds for involuntary loss of French citizenship: Person serves in a foreign military or civil service and has not complied with French orders to leave such service.

French citizenship information is summarized from the above-mentioned law. Any action concerning French citizenship should be taken after consulting with a French immigration lawyer or the official authority responsible with French citizenship.


  1. Hello;
    I was born in France on 9th May 1979. My father has a work permit from 1971 to 1987 and also a tax pair of French Government. I came back with my father and mother in 1982. My father has all the documents about my birth, there work, documents about tax and all other legal document.
    We have only a nationality of Pakistan. Now I want to get a nationality of France because it is my birth right. I contacted to embassy many times and also visit the embassy but can’t get a contact to any department.
    I was come to know about the following Law of France. So according to this Law I want to be query from you. I have a Master degree.
    I think now you will give me a proper response in short time and give an appointment to show you all the documents which I have.

    French nationality law is historically based on the principle of jus soli, according to Ernest Renan’s definition, opposed to the German’s definition of nationality formalized by Fichte. However, elements of jus sanguinis have been included in the French code, especially during the 1992 reform, which forced children born in France of foreign parents to request French nationality at adulthood, instead of being automatically accorded it (no conditions are required to acquire it, but it forces children of foreigners to go through a bureaucratic process, while children of French citizens – whether immigrants or not – cut through all the red tape). As in most other countries, but differing from the US, children born in France to tourists or short term visitors do not acquire French citizenship by virtue of birth in France: residency must be proven. As immigration became more and more of a political theme in the 1980s, albeit a lower immigration rate (see Demographics in France), both left- and right-wing governments have issued several laws restricting more and more the possibilities of being naturalized.

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    Father Name A. Majeed Dar
    Address: B-2, House # 368, Wapda Town, Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan.
    Home Contact # 0092-55-4291099 (available after 10pm to 7am)
    Mobile # 0092-300-6430133 (available at any time)

  2. Hello, I am Brazilian, I’ve live in france for nearly two years, I have a french daulghter, now I live in Portugal and I whish to know if I have the right also to have french nationality or the right to live and work in france.

  3. hello, i was born in France on 10th of April 1981,my parents had a boutique and i have all my birth father took me back to nigeria in 1990.and now i’m trying to get a nationality but they kept giving me the law of growing up in France from the age of 11yrs to 15yrs.i have been refused the french nationality.what do you advice me to do?

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  7. I would like to report my status , I am an Algerian young lady, was married for 4 years and half to an Algerian man with a French citizenship, but now we got divorced, we have one child who has both Algerian and French passport (like his father), I suspected that my x-husband didn’t want to give me the French citizenship- I don’t know why- and we got divorced before me acquiring it, although in my opinion I deserve it, we have been living in ouside France together for more than 4 years, and I think that according to the French law, I had nothing to prevent holding the French passport.

    I just want to emphasize why I want the French nationality, because my son is French, I want to hold the same nationality as my son, to protect him in his life, being a French mother for French child will facilitate a lot to me. And by the way, I am fluent in French also, it is just feeling more comfortable in writing in English, I want to say a last word is that I know that I will honor France if I will hold its citizenship, I have been always an excellent student in school, I am holding a Master degree and working.
    just one more thing, is that my x-husband don’t want to report our divorce status to the French Embassy.

    Je suis tres fierte de vous contacter, et j’attends votre reponse avec impatience. Vous decider.

  8. people who are born in France do not acquire french citizenship,unless? one parent is already french,
    therefore, the comment in the first chapter? #FRENCH CITIZENSHIP BY BIRTH:
    Child born within the territory of France, regardless of the nationality of the parents.#
    is wrong. one needs to read the nationality law of today in France, thank you for your time.

  9. Good Morning,

    My name is Satori I am a French Citizen no by birth but because of my parents, my daughter also has her residency but my husband doesn’t have it. We currently live in the US, and when I went to the consulate the consul just told me that all I need it for my husband to become a French Citizen was for him to learn and speak French and that was all… is it true?? please let me know if anything has changed.

    Thank you very much and have a great day!!!

  10. My father was born in France, whre he lived until he was 5 years old….I do not knowif he still has his french passport, as i am aware it was common practice for it to be collected upon arrival to the us in the 1950′s.
    Just wondering if it is possible to obtain a french passport at this stage or if i am a lost cause

  11. My father, who was born in China, was born with French Citizenship because my grandmother didn’t want him to be a Chinese citizen. He became a United States citizen years ago, but I was wondering if I would still qualify for citizenship. I think he is still a French Citizen.

  12. Hi, I have a question concerning dual citizenship. I’m a french citizen by birth and also an Ivorian one by descendant. I live in Milan, Italy and I would like to fly back to Ivory Coast for the vacation. I entered Milan as a French citizen but I would like to know if dual citizenship is allowed in Italy, as to leave the country with my Ivorian passport.

  13. hello
    i m govt servant in pakistan and now intend to marry a pakistani gal who is a french national by birth and whose parents are also french nationals. would i get french nationality automatically by virtue of marrying that lady or i will have to go through a process? wat will be that? and as i m a govt dervant, i cannot stay in france for more that one month in one go.
    Kashif Khan S/O Rehman khan. peshawar, pakistan

  14. one of my relative has married a french nationality man who has divorced his first wife. now my relative and her husband having all the proper documents but she already adopted a child, is it possible for the child to get the frech nationality.But she does’t have any legel certificate for the adopted child.

  15. My father was born in France and still has his French citizenship, We live in the U.S. and I am a U.S. citizen.
    Since my dad is a French citizen is that passed on to me too? Does this make me a French citizen through Descent?

  16. Hi, I was born in Vietnam in 1987 and now only have citizenship in the US. Is it possible for me to get French citizenship? I have heard that France will naturalize citizens of former colonies

  17. i am hossain humayunkabir.i am bangladeshi.ihave many problem.ilive in france.i want france citizenship.i demand the asile in france.i have many problem in bangladesh

  18. Hi- and thank you for sharing your knowledge.
    I have been married to my French husband for over three years and was preparing to move to France with him to take care of his sick Father, and to go to school. Unfortunately, his Father recently passed, and my husband is no longer in any hurry to move to France. I would still like to get my French citizenship and have been told so many different things about what is actually required. Please,..what do you know?

    Thank You, Merci.

  19. My Child was born in France in May, 2010 as my husband was studying there. But we moved to the US after 3 months of her birth. So she stayed there for 3 months after her birth. She has now a Pakistani passport like us, but I would want her to get French Nationality. What options do I have?

  20. Hello,

    I wonder if you could comment on the latest developments regarding obtaining of French nationality through naturalization. Is it correct that now a permanent work contract (CDI) is obligatory for all applicants as well as a healthy income above SMIC per person in order to have one’s naturalization application considered?

    Thank you!

  21. hello, i was born in France in 1991 and stayed there till 1999 before moving to the UK, none of my parents are french or have a citizenship. Could i still qualify for a french nationality?

  22. Hello,
    My Birth Nationality in India only. But my spouse brother in pondicherry, South India will get married by December 2012 only,spouse brother (my cousin) will marry Nationality girl and cousin also will be eligible to get French nationality. Now Tell me by this how can i get Nationality. whether am eligible to get French nationality or i have go for some other to get Nationality. Reply me please..

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