National Engineering & Construction Recruitment Exhibition 2017

“IAS, with their dedicated team of lawyers and counselors, managed to help me join my partner in UK. I had no experience, noone to ask for guidance nor to help me in the process of applying for a Dependant Visa in UK. IAS lawyers dedicated their time and put an effort in guiding me through every step of the, somewhat, complicated process, and they put an emphasis on special circumstances, considering the fact that I am coming from a \”third world\” country, which was complicated enough. After couple of months I was granted the Dependant Visa to join my partner who started working in UK six months before I applied, thus enabling us to be together again. I heartly recommend IAS to everyone that is lost in the process of applying for Visa, feeling helpless in the number of mixed and unclear regulations or needs someone to relly on during the process of applying for visa. IAS team, and lawyer Uche in my case, are not just an advice service agency – they are the beacon in the darkness of regulations and uncertainties. Thank you, for joining me with my life partner again…”

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