Polish citizenship is governed by the Constitution of the Republic of Poland and the Citizenship Act of February 15, 1962.

Birth within the territory of the Republic of Poland does not automatically confer citizenship. A child who was born in or is found within the territory of Poland acquires citizenship if both parents are unknown, whose citizenship cannot be established, or who is stateless.

- Child acquires citizenship regardless of the child’s country of birth if both parents are citizens of Poland, or if one of the parents is a citizen of Poland and the other is not known, of unknown citizenship, or is stateless.
- Child, one of whose parents is a citizen of a foreign country, and the child acquires Polish citizenship by birth: The child’s parents must submit an affidavit explaining these circumstances to Polish authorities within three months of the child’s birth. The parents may choose foreign citizenship for the child if the laws of the foreign country grant the child citizenship based on descent from the foreign parent. Formal recognition of Polish citizenship by descent can be granted to this child at age 16 if an affidavit expressing the child’s will to become a Polish citizen is executed before, and submitted to, the Polish authorities.

Citizenship can be granted by the President of the Republic of Poland. An alien is eligible to apply for citizenship if:
- They have resided in Poland as a lawful resident for at least 5 years.
- They submit of evidence of the loss (or renunciation) of foreign citizenship.

DUAL POLISH CITIZENSHIP: NOT RECOGNIZED. Poland does not recognize dual citizenship of its citizens. Polish law does not forbid a Polish citizen from becoming the citizen of a foreign state but Polish authorities will only recognize the Polish citizenship.

VOLUNTARY: Voluntary renunciation of citizenship may be in Poland or through the nearest Polish embassy. A Polish citizen may gain foreign citizenship after receiving permission from the President of the Republic of Poland to renounce Polish citizenship. The loss of citizenship is effective on a date it is granted; Polish citizens with promissory citizenship in a foreign state would be then be stateless if they had not yet acquired that citizenship.
INVOLUNTARY: The Constitution prohibits an involuntary loss of Polish citizenship.

Polish citizenship information is summarized from the above-mentioned law. Any action concerning Polish citizenship should be taken after consulting with a Polish immigration lawyer or the official authority responsible with Polish citizenship.


  1. In regards to Polish Citizenship!

    Anybody who had at least one Grandparent born in Poland does have a right to apply for and/or petition the Polish government for Citizenship! All countries permit a similar request!

    As far as Dual citizenship the World Court Now Permits Dual citizenship holders!

  2. However the Grandparent clause may only refer to Grandparents born during a certain time frame or decades between world wars!

    Check with a Polish embassy or councilate!

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