Spanish citizenship based on the Articles 17 through 26 of the “Codigo Civil” that was modified by Laws 18/1990 and 29/1995.

Birth within the territory of Spain does not automatically confer citizenship. The exception is a child born to unknown or stateless parents.

- Child, at least one of whose parents is a citizen of Spain, regardless of the child’s country of birth.
- Child born of non-Spanish citizen parents, provided at least one of the parents was born in Spain.

Spanish citizenship may be acquired upon fulfillment of conditions which vary according to the person involved.
- Persons with no ties to Spain must reside in the country for at least 10 years.
- Persons who are former nationals of Portugal, the Philippines, or certain South American countries need only reside for two years.
- Persons who were born in Spain, who have married a citizen of Spain, or who were born outside of Spain of a mother or father who was originally Spanish, need only reside one year.

Exception: Spain has dual citizenship treaties with the following countries: Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, and Honduras. Spaniards residing in the above countries do not lose their rights as Spaniards if they adopt the nationality of the country of residence. For all other countries, Spanish citizenship is revoked upon the acquisition of foreign citizenship.

VOLUNTARY: Voluntary renunciation of Spanish citizenship is permitted by law. Submission of a Letter of renunciation and passport is required. Contact the Spanish Embassy for more details and required paperwork.
INVOLUNTARY: The following is grounds for involuntary loss of Spanish citizenship: Person voluntarily acquires citizenship of a country with which Spain does not have a dual citizenship agreement.

Spanish citizenship information is summarized from the above-mentioned law. Any action concerning Spanish citizenship should be taken after consulting with a Spanish immigration lawyer or the official authority responsible with Spanish citizenship.


  1. Is peru one of the “certain Latin American Countries,” near as I can tell, it is. If so, can you refer me to where you found this info?

  2. Im a Filipino and ny great grandmother is pure spanish, how could i possibly get a Spanish citizenship? Where can I start here in the Philippines? pls email me… tnx

  3. Hey rex,
    If you’re interested in obtaining European citizenship, you can check out The ECC Website.
    There you can find information and links about how to get a European passport. They even have a section where you can sign up and verify if you are eligible.

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  5. My friend is a spanish citizen, born in Spain but sent by his parents in the Philippines when he was a kid..I think he was 1 year old that time and now he’s 19. Does he lost his citizenship because of this?The only document left with him is his birth certificate. His parents are both Filipino working in Spain. I don’t know if his parents are doing something. They don’t frquently contact him. He cannot study nor work in the Philippines. What can he do? Can he acquire Filipino citizenship and preserve his Spanish citizenship? Hope someone can give me information on this.. thanks.. Please mail me at

  6. Is language a requirement for a 50+ year old to obtain a spanish citizenship? My parents lived in spain for over 25 years and they applied recently but they don’t speak fluent spanish due to the area they live in and all their friends speak perfect english. Is by law the spanish language is a requirement knowing that they had the resedency for so many years. Thanks!

  7. Spain is such a beautiful country! It has preserved both culture, architecture, infrastructure and everything else from way back their golden era. I just don’t understand why they are such a burden to the EU.
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